As the COVID-19 outbreak in Singapore continues to spread widely, the number of infected people across the country is rising steadily. If you need to self-quarantine, or if you just want to avoid going out in public to reduce your risk of getting COVID-19, there are some essential items you should keep on hand.

Covid-19 Essential Items


Normal body temperature is  37 degrees Celsius (°C). In adults, a fever is considered to be a temperature of 38°C or above. Have a thermometer on hand to check your temperature if you suspect that you are ill.

What types of thermometer should I use to take a temperature?

Digital thermometer

A digital thermometer is the most accurate and quickest way to take a temperature. Be sure to follow package instructions while using any thermometer.

Other types of thermometers

Tympanic (ear): This type of thermometer measures the temperature inside of the ear by reading the infrared heat there. For older babies and children, ear thermometers can be quicker and easier to use. However, they are not advised if your baby is three months old or younger.

Temporal artery (forehead): Forehead thermometers are also used to measure temperature, but they are less reliable than digital thermometers and are typically more expensive.

Pulse oximeter

What is a pulse oximeter?

It’s an electronic device that clips onto a patient’s finger to measure heart rate and oxygen saturation in the blood cells. It can help detect early signs of health deterioration.

How to use a pulse oximeter

To use a pulse oximeter, you will need to:

  • Take off any jewelry or nail polish on your finger if measuring from this location.
  • Make sure your hand is warm, relaxed
  • Place oximeter on a finger and turn it on
  • Keep the device on for as long as needed to monitor your pulse and oxygen saturation.
  • When the test is finished, remove the device. The device gives two results: your blood oxygen level (SpO2) and your pulse rate (PR).
  • Start recording from baseline & record three times a day at the same time. Take extra measures if you feel a change in your health.

What is oximeter reading?

Blood oxygen levels of 95 to 100% are considered healthy, while levels of 90 to 94% are considered low.

Blood oxygen levels below 90% are considered “dangerously low,” necessitating immediate hospitalization.

Antigen rapid test (ART) kits

Have at least two ART self-test kits stocked up at home.

Carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use the kit, as instructions and requirements differ between brands.

Be informed

Before you perform the test, please ensure the following:

  • Be in a well-ventilated room, away from others.
  • Find a flat surface to place your cartridge. You may need a mirror and a timer to guide you.
  • The surfaces used can be easily cleaned and wiped down. Your bathroom may be a good place to conduct the test.
  • To reduce your chances of contracting COVID-19 before the test results are available, you should limit your contact with other people.

Dispose of the used test kit

After reading the results, bag all the used items in the test kit into one plastic bag and seal it. Place the sealed bag into another plastic bag.

Please ensure that the bags are tightly tied to protect your community

Throw it into the rubbish chute or a pedal bin immediately.

ART services from MaNaDr

If you are concerned about how to perform the ART test or where to get an ART test kit, don’t worry, MaNaDr will help you.
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ART kits can be ordered quickly and easily through the MaNaDr app. We will deliver test kits right to your doorsteps in a short time. Everything you need is to sit back, wait to receive it, and get support from our professional staff on how to perform the test.

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Make sure you have sufficient masks at home.

The masks should be ones with a high filtration capability, such as surgical masks or those with a filtration insert.

SELECT masks that

  • Completely cover your nose and mouth.
  • Have no gaps and fit snugly against the sides of your face.
  • Have a nose wire to keep air from leaking out of the mask’s top.

To avoid spreading the virus, anyone who is sick should wear a mask when around others. When around the sick person, other members of the household should wear masks.


If you become ill, you must remain at home unless you seek medical care. Stock up on anything you think you might want or need while sick ahead of time.

Over-the-counter pain or fever relievers: Acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or paracetamol, can both be used to relieve pain and lower a fever. Your doctor may recommend one over the other depending on whether you have a cold, the flu, or COVID-19. Consult your doctor about which is best for you, and keep some on hand.

Vitamin and Health supplements like: vitamins C, D, Zinc.

Cleaning, disinfection supplies

Hand sanitizers, soap, disinfectant wipes, and the necessary cleaning tools such as bleach will be critical for frequent cleaning and wiping down surfaces (like doorknobs, cellphones, and handles) if you or a family member is recovering at home from COVID-19.

Hand sanitizer with 60 percent to 95 percent alcohol cleans much better than one with less alcohol or no alcohol in them.

Also, practice personal hygiene and avoid sharing common personal items.

If you are on Home Recovery, have a support system

While you are under Home Recovery, ensure there is sufficient food and household supplies to last a few days. Do also have a backup plan if they run out. Have a friend or neighbor nearby who can help you get them.

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