Life isn’t always easy to predict. Today we are healthy, but tomorrow we may become ill and need a few days to rest. If you are unwell and can’t attend work or university, you may need a medical certificate. MaNaDr can help you.

consult a doctor to get medical certificate
Consult a MaNaDr doctor online in the comfort of your home to get a valid digital medical certificate

When is a Medical Certificate required?

Many employers require employees who have been on sick leave to provide a medical certificate. This can sometimes be the case if you need to take a number of days off sick leave due to illness.

Students also frequently require medical certificates for missed assignment deadlines or missed exams due to illness.

It’s incredibly simple to obtain a medical certificate using your MaNaDr app. To get started, simply make a teleconsult.

Advantages of getting a Medical Certificate online

Authorized by MOH

The digital medical certificates issued by MaNaDr are approved by the Singapore Ministry Of Health. An online medical certificate from one of our doctors is a legal document and contains all the appropriate information you’d expect

Issued by licensed doctors

Our team of MaNaDr doctors has successfully issued over 10,000 online medical certificates to date, to workers across all sectors and industries. The online doctor will take a history via video consultation and make an assessment just as they would in the clinic.

Save time – no commuting or queuing

Instead, it is a brief video consultation with an online doctor. You can download your medical certificate immediately after the consultation and print it at your convenience. Our aim is to remove the hassle from healthcare by providing a safe, affordable, and efficient online doctor service.

Spending more time resting and recovering

When we are sick, even simple tasks like getting out of bed can be difficult, and getting to the clinic to obtain a medical certificate can seem impossible.

Fortunately, thanks to advances in technology, you can now consult a doctor from the comfort of your own home by a video call and obtain a valid medical certificate. If your doctor deems you unfit for work, he will also issue you a digital medical certificate online.

The best place to be is at home, getting better, not waiting at the clinic with other sick people.

Stop the spread of infection

Using an online doctor can help reduce the spread of infection, especially Coronavirus. You can stay at home, avoid crowded waiting rooms, and keep your germs to yourself.

MaNaDr’s licensed doctor will be the one issuing the medical certificate.

How do I get a Medical Certificate through MaNaDr?

To get a medical certificate. You need to consult with a doctor first.

Doctors will ask you some questions about your current state of health to get an understanding of your condition and check on it.

After your consultation, if they deem you unfit for work or school then they will issue an online medical certificate.

This certificate will be available right on your smartphone through MaNaDr app.

Top questions about Medical Certificate

Is my digital medical certificate accepted?

Yes. Employers will accept medical certificates issued by any doctor registered with the Singapore Medical Council (SMC), according to the Ministry of Manpower. All MaNaDr doctors are Singapore-registered and therefore fall into this category.

Who issues the medical certificate?

MaNaDr’s licensed doctor will be the one issuing the medical certificate. All our doctors are 100% Singaporean and registered with the Singapore Medical Council (SMC).

Can I obtain a medical certificate without consulting a doctor?

No. You must first consult a doctor, who then issue you a medical certificate if they determine you are unfit for work or school.

How quickly can I obtain a medical certificate?

You will have to first consult a doctor which can be as short as 15 minutes. The doctor will then issue you a medical certificate after that.

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Get MaNaDr app for a medical certificate online

We open 7 days a week and are available 24/7

Choose MaNaDr if you think you need an online medical certificate today!


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