In Singapore, local Covid-19 infection numbers have swelled in recent weeks, with cases growing “faster than expected”, said Health Minister Ong Ye Kung last Friday (Sept 17).

Authorities continue to emphasize the importance of testing extensively. They also urge people to self-test regularly as a matter of “social responsibility”.

To that end, such do-it-yourself antigen rapid test (ART) kits have appeared. Vending machines have also been set up islandwide to dispense the test kits to those who receive health risk warnings or alerts.

Here are some guidelines from the Ministry of Health (MOH), on what you should do if you have no symptoms but ART is positive.

1. Stop going to work and cancel social activities


The individual should isolate himself in order to protect others from being infected with the Covid-19 virus, said Prof Mak. This will be the socially responsible thing to do.

2. Do not rush to a hospital emergency department

An asymptomatic individual who tests positive using an ART kit does not need to rush to a hospital emergency department to test Covid-19.

In fact, if rushed to the hospital accident and emergency department, you may inadvertently expose yourself to more risk because there may be other infected people present in the hospital.


3. Visit a Swab and Send Home Clinic if concerned

Any individual concerned about the ART test result can instead visit a nearby Swab and Send Home clinic to let the doctor there assess his condition.


4. Stay home for at least 72 hours if possible and take an ART test after

An individual who tests positive in an ART test and self-isolate is encouraged to stay at home for at least 72 hours, said Prof Mak.

This will allow the person to safely recover, monitor his health, and not spread the virus to anyone else during this period of time.


5. Visit a GP if you feel unwell during self-isolation

If the individual feels unwell during the period of self-isolation, he should visit a GP as soon as possible.

The doctor will decide if a patient needs a Covid Swab test to determine whether there is an infection. And the doctor will also advise the individual on what to do next.


6. Take another ART test after 72 hours 

At the end of 72 hours of self-isolation, the individual is encouraged to do another ART test.

If your second ART test is now negative, you can then have the peace of mind knowing that you have recovered from your infection,

“You can progressively resume your normal activities (such as) going back to work, going back to social activities.”